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Vocal technique training

If you need vocal technique training by a highly qualified, industry recognised teacher, you are in the right place.  Based in Shrewsbury, Paul Bench helps clients from near and far get the very best out of their voice.  

Paul trained with Vera Tinsley in voice and dramatic art and qualified through The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He studied Theatre and Dramatic Art at London University, specialising for his master's degree in Literary Theory at Birmingham University.

The benefits of training your voice

Like any other muscle in the human body, your larynx must be trained, maintained and protected to ensure longevity of your career, and to avoid misuse which could result in damage to the delicate tissues and muscles in your voice box.

Through many years acting and performing, Paul Bench has learnt all there is to know about vocal technique and getting the best from your voice. Having trained many actors and actresses over the years, Paul has the experience to gauge what each individual client needs to develop their vocal skills and performance technique.  

Your voice, your living

Just like an athlete preparing for a marathon, you need to train and rest your voice to ensure you get the very best out of it when employed to do so. If you're unsure as to whether you are using your voice correctly, or if you have started to notice hoarseness or croaking when using your voice in a professional capacity, the advice of a qualified vocal coach may be of great use to you.  
Call Paul Bench today to see if he can help you. 

Project and protect

Performance in a play or stage show often means having to project your voice to a large audience, sometimes 6 days and nights per week.  This can really take its toll on your delicate vocal folds, so you must ensure you are doing it correctly. Paul Bench can assess and advise you on correct vocal technique, and tricks of the trade to keep your voice at its best. If you are preparing for a role, get in touch today.
For vocal technique training in Shrewsbury, contact Paul Bench today
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